YUKA REVIEW- The app that protects your health

YUKA REVIEW- The app that protects your health


For every person, health is one of the fundamental aspects to focus on. As Juvenal used to say with his famous quote “Mens sana in corpore sano”, the entire balance of the body is affected by its state of health. Given also the serious period that we are forced to live in and the scandals that have involved especially the food world ( think palm oil) , more and more people are trying to avoid food or products that are harmful to the body. But how can we detect them? From now on it will not be a problem thanks to Yuka, the app friend of your body. Yuka is an application, developed by a French team, that helps you in choosing the most healthy product for you and your body. 

How does YUKA work?

Yuka scans and provides you with a detailed analysis of the product, assessing the health benefits. Scans in particular food and cosmetics to analyze their components and their impact on health. Through the bar code, it recognizes the product and evaluates it using a scale ranging from 0 to 100.

How are food products evaluated?

For the evaluation of food, Yuka is based on three criteria:

1) Nutritional characteristics represent 60% of the assessment. Calories, sugars, salt and saturated fat are seen as negative elements and protein, fiber, fruit and vegetables as positive elements

2) The presence of additives represents 30% of the assessment. For each additive is assigned a risk level: no risk (green disc), limited risk (yellow disc), moderate risk (orange disc), at risk (red disc).

3)  Bio represents 10% of the score because no pesticides are used in the processing.

How are cosmetic products evaluated?

The cosmetic evaluation system is based on the analysis of all the ingredients that are part of the composition of the product. Each ingredient is assigned a level of risk according to its potential/proven health effects. The assessment depends on the level of the ingredient with the highest level of risk present in the product. If the ingredient with the highest risk level is a moderate risk ingredient (orange disc), the product will be rated as mediocre (less than 50/100).

Final assessments and conclusions

The app is really simple and intuitive and the number of products in the database is truly endless. Another factor not to be underestimated is that in addition to evaluating the product also indicates the healthiest alternatives on the market. And all this is done by simply relying on object data: Yuka’s application does not include advertising. Brands cannot  pay Yuka to promote their products and cannot influence the evaluation of the products and the proposed alternatives. Yuka was created only to help consumers make the best choices for their health and encourage industrial groups to improve the quality of their products.

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