Youtube URL shortener

Youtube URL shortener

By miriam

If you own a Youtube channel and you're wondering how to customize the link of your channel or simply how to shorten links that you want to suggest in your video, to recommend to your followers other content to watch, you're in the right place. In this guide we will see both how to customize and shorten the URL of your Youtube channel, and how to shorten external Youtube links that lead to other people's videos and channels and that you may want to include in your descriptions or recommend verbally while talking. Let's see together what this is all about!

How to shorten a YouTube link

The first easiest thing to analyze is how to shorten YouTube links. If in fact you don't intend to customize the link of your YouTube channel, but you simply intend to shorten a Youtube link to make it easier to pronounce and recommend in your videos, you can use a URL shortener like the one you find on top of this page. All you have to do is copy the link of the Youtube video you want to shorten and paste it into the bar provided by the free online URL shortener I linked earlier. After that, click on "Short" and immediately the Youtube link will be short and easy to share in your videos and content descriptions!

Before we start: how custom URLs work on Youtube

Before starting to see in practice how to customize your own Url on Youtube, it is useful to know some preliminary information about how custom addresses work on this platform and what are the eligibility criteria to get one. First of all, a personalized URL on Youtube is useful to share with your audience an address that is easier to remember: its form, in fact, is based on a structure like or But how do these personalized addresses on Youtube work? How many and when can I request them? You can request a maximum of three new custom URLs for your channel every year and there are some criteria to follow to request them: you must have at least 100 subscribers, have the channel open for at least 30 days, have a profile picture and banner uploaded. If you have all these criteria, continue reading the next paragraph to learn how to create your own custom URL.Β 

How to get a personalized URL on Youtube

Know that you can get your custom URL from any device you prefer: from computer, from Android or from iPhone and iPad. To find your custom URL you just need to access Youtube Studio through this link and, from the menu on the left, select Customization > Basic Information: here you can view and copy your custom URL to the homonymous entry. If you don't want to find it but you want to create it from scratch and then set a new custom address, you'll have to access Youtube Studio again and go to Customization > Basic Info. At this point, under "Channel URL" click on "Set a custom URL for your channel". You'll find a suggestion provided by Youtube itself for your custom URL, which you can customize further and modify to make it even more unique. Once you're done editing, click "Publish" > "Confirm" and you'll finally have your custom URL for your Youtube channel. To see how to custom your Youtube channel link from other devices, check this official Google guide.
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