What is a VPN and why You should use it

What is a VPN and why You should use it

By alessio

A VPN is Virtual Private Network and in general we can define it as a technology that adds privacy and security to public and private networks, including Wif-Fi and internet hotspots. The VPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously and securely wherever you are, without third parties being able to intercept or limit internet browsing. But, how does a VPN work?Β  First of all it is an encrypted tunnel (secure and encrypted) that connects you to the Internet allowing you to surf the net in a free and anonymous way through a dedicated and private IP address that masks your actual physical navigation position.


We are now connected to the Internet at any time, at home, at work, at the bar and especially when we are traveling.Β  We connect with the computer, the laptop, the tablet, with our smartphone. It is impossible not to be online at any time of our daily life, between e-mails, social networks, forums, blogs, chats and online games that make us feel as if being connected is no longer an optional but a necessity. Each of us continually provides our information online without considering the fact that the internet can be a very dangerous place if not used properly and if we are not protected above all, our data can be stolen through espionage or mass data collection and subsequently put up for sale.Β  Using a VPN can help you improve your privacy and security.Β Β 

Using a VPN has many advantages:

  • Anonymous Navigation: Hides your IP address and Location

In short, when we connect to a VPN, the original IP assigned to us by the network service provider is replaced by one of the VPN server IPs. For example, if your internet service provider (Telecom, Vodafone, …) has assigned you a Rome IP (by virtue of your physical location), when you connect to a server in the US via the VPN onΒ  your IP changes to 6,243,627.9. This way your original IP will remain anonymous and even your ISP cannot track your online activity.Β  You can choose between different VPN servers located around the world such as USA, UK, Australia, India or any of the 94 countries around the world.Β 

  • Encrypted communications

The VPN uses encryption to protect your data.Β  For example your luggage when you do check in at the airport before taking the flight. Every time you have to carry out the checks and pass the baggage inside the scanner where everything inside is checked.Β  Internet connection works like an airport scanner: when you transfer data over the Internet, they travel in the form of packages.Β  These packages can be viewed and checked / spied on by anyone or even stolen without you noticing, using simple tools available on the Internet.Β  Who can see your data? Hackers, ISPs and Government Agencies. Now imagine that the scanner is not able to detect what is inside your luggage. The same mechanism applies when you use a VPN for your connection. In this way, when you are online, nothing can be intercepted, viewed or tracked.Β 

  • Watch your favorite content

View blocked sites from anywhere.Β  If the Internet is censored in your country or you want to access sites and services limited by your ISP, a VPN masks your location to provide you with free and unlimited access.Β  With the VPN you can unlock and view all blocked sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Gmail.

  • Avoid surveillance

When you are connected to a VPN your ISP sees your encrypted traffic pass through the VPN servers, but it cannot decrypt the data or know the websites you visit.Β 

  • Protect your identity

The VPN not only protects your web browser, but also your emails, Skype conversations, bank details and anything else you do or watch online – whether you are at home, in the office, at the bar or traveling around the world.Β 

  • Prevents third-party monitoring

By hiding the IP address and location, the VPN makes it more difficult for third-party sites and services, improper charges or displaying advertisements depending on your location.

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