Vanity URL

Vanity URL

By miriam

If you're wondering what a Vanity URL is and whether it's beneficial to have one, you've come to the right place. Let's start with the fact that, as well as all short URLs, a vanity URL is definitely an advantage both for you who own a website or a blog, and for your readers. But why is it so beneficial? What exactly does a vanity URL consist of? Let's see it together in the following article.Β 

What is a Vanity URL?

A vanity URL is a personalized and unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes. Customizing a link allows a website owner to make their link more recognizable and memorable, a fact that benefits both the manager and readers of a website. Links, in this way, become not only easy to remember, but also easy to write, use and share.Β  What is important to know is the difference between vanity URLs and vanity domains: they should not be confused, because vanity domains are domains named after the name of the owner.

Why should you create a vanity URL?

Although a person has not often to type the entire URL of a website from scratch, it is still possible that for some reason you cannot copy and paste the link to a web page or, in any case, that you do not have all the characters needed for a link that is dozens and dozens of characters long. For these reasons of difficulty, or simply for an aesthetic and confidence reason of not wanting to show a long, incomprehensible and seemingly unreliable link to your readers, you might be interested in getting your own custom short URL as well. And that's where the Vanity URL comes in: its benefits are increased credibility, professionalism and trust in your readers and followers; they feel more inspired to click on the link if they don't see a sequence of unfamiliar characters, but a clear, readable and recognizable sequence of words to click on. Also, vanity URLs are easy to read aloud: if you need to recommend links during Instagram feeds, podcasts, lectures or broadcasts, a clear, readable link is definitely easier to say.

How to create a vanity URL?

Creating a vanity URL is extremely easy if you know the procedure to follow. First, a vanity URL consists of three sections: the domain (your branded short name), TLD (what the link is about) and the URL slug (keywords). The first thing you need to do is to choose your own domain name and pay for an online service that makes you buy a custom domain; the domain name must reflect the identity of your business and make it recognizable to your readers and followers. After that, again on the same service, you can choose your TLD and after that you will be ready to create your vanity URL, so the last part that remains to be chosen and created on the platform is the set of keywords that you want to be shown in the last part of your URL, the so-called Slug.Β 
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