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URL shortener

By Dan

In order to increase your brand, you may be interested in sharing and spreading around the link of your e-commerce site or of your brand new products. However, whenever someone shares a link on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, people find it hard to trust an unknown link, because they don’t know where it leads to. How to solve this problem? How to inspire more trust in your followers and make it easier for them to click on the link you’re advertising? A URL shortener is the perfect tool for you in these situations! Keep on reading to find out why.


What is a URL shortener and how it works

But what is a URL shortener and why can it be useful if you want to improve the visibility of your brand? A URL shortener is a tool with which you can transform a very long URL, made up of dozens of characters, into a shorter link, made up of no more than 20-25 characters on average. This is a technique born to solve the problem of limited number of characters on some platforms and social networks (such as Twitter), where too long links could not be inserted. Over time, then, the great marketing advantages that came with short URLs used in communication and marketing strategies such as sms, email and websites, became much more evident. More than that, these are not the only advantages of a URL shortener: let’s see together what all the others are.


What are the main benefits of a short URL

The first advantage of short URLs is the one we have already presented, that is the most obvious and immediate one: the reduction of the space occupied by a link solves first of all length problems, especially in those platforms where a maximum and limited number of characters can be inserted. Besides this, thanks to the reduction of a URL, you get a whole series of related advantages, one a consequence of the other. A shorter link, in fact, inspires more trust in the user, who is more likely induced to click on it because he sees it recognizable and reliable, not long, unknown and incomprehensible. More trust means more clicks and engagement on your site, which leads to a better deliverability and click-through. This gives you insight into your link engagement, so that you can make better decisions about how to conduct your content and communications. Finally, thanks to a URL shortener, you can gain control and know more about how your content is consumed, thanks to the analysis tools provided by a URL shortener.


How to find a free and online URL shortener

If you enjoyed all the advantages presented in the previous paragraph and you also want to start using a URL shortener to boost your brand, you are surely wondering how to find it and how not to spend so much time or money. Well: I have the solution for you. You can use the URL shortener on, thanks to which you can access a system that is:

  • Free: you won’t have to pay any subscription or registration to the platform;
  • online: you won’t have to download or install any program on your pc or smartphone, it’s all on the internet;
  • easy and fast to use: just paste the link in the space provided at the top of the page, click on “Shorten” and your short URL will immediately be created and ready to be pasted into your promotions.
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