Too Good To Go Review – against food waste

Too Good To Go Review – against food waste



In a world where 1/3 of food is wasted, ToGoodToGo struggle to reduce food waste and to create a sustainable world. The companyโ€™s main mission is to make people aware of the issue, because a world with so much waste is no longer sustainable. In addition to this, of course it also provides a platform that allows you to sell food that would probably have been wasted. Togoodtodo collaborates with more than 18 thousand supermarkets, bars and restaurants and on the app offers the food that remains unsold at really affordable prices.

For the environment

โ€œReducing food waste is one of the most important actions we can do to combat global warming.โ€ From here starts the mission of the company, to create a worldwide anti-precocious movement. In the app we find an Infobox in which all the data on the subject of pollution and all the answers to the questions on food waste are collected. There is also a news section to find out all the news about the movement and the new goals achieved.

To shed light on your company

The app also offers the opportunity to make your brand known, thanks to a community that counts almost 5 million users from different countries of the world. In addition to this it allows you to earn on foods that would probably end up in the trash. If you have a bakery, a restaurant, a supermarket or a hotel it is a great opportunity to increase your visibility both from a monetary point of view and for the environment. On the app you can create your own digital store to start doing business with new customers. You just have to put the unsold food in a bag and the customer will pick it up directly in the store.ย 

Help your company and the environment !



An advantageous option both for the customer, who pays a lower price by buying from his favorite store, and for the seller who has opportunities to earn and show off the brand. Obviously also from the environmental point of view the initiative is really important considering the serious situation in which our world lies. This have been also understood by large companies working in the food sector as Coop, Carrefour or Eataly.ย 

Now itโ€™s your turn to join the change!

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