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If you are a university student and need accommodation because you are studying abroad, you can now find it easily thanks to It is a site designed exclusively for university students, in fact it filters the accommodation according to the university where we are interested in studying. It allows you to filter the results by university, city and type of accommodation ( whole apartment or single room). By filling in a small form the site automatically suggests the accommodation that suits you based on the city, the budget and the period you have set. 

The steps to follow

  1. To start you will need to select the ad that meets your needs with the possibility to also share it with friends or people you know. Often in the final price the expenses of the bills are included but it could be demanded however a deposit. By filling out a form on the site you can also view the house before proceeding to the payment.
  2. Find the perfect accommodation for you, you will have to make a booking request. A site consultant will contact you directly with the owner of the accommodation. Afterwards the consultant will also explain the booking process and if necessary a guarantor will be required in case the tenant fails to demonstrate that he has sufficient funds or an adequate financial income to support the required payments.
  3. All you have to do is sign the lease and pay the first installment of the rent. You will not have to pay any fees to the site and you may pay by bank transfer or credit/debit.
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Check-in Extras

On the site you can also buy other extra services, convenient especially for those arriving from distant places and do not have the opportunity to bring everything they need.On the site you have the possibility to buy kits for both the kitchen and the bedroom. Especially for those traveling by plane, it is difficult to carry a duvet for bed for example, and for this reason offers a complete kit for your single or double bed. Even the kitchen utensils or pots can be bulky but there is the possibility to buy these directly from the online site. Even the kitchen utensils or pots can be bulky but there is the possibility to buy these directly from the online site. There is also the possibility to receive them directly in the accommodation when you arrive after making the payment. Other very useful extras you can take advantage of are the transport from the airport and a kit for cleaning the house.

Bed Kit


A unique solution especially for university students but also for those who have the opportunity to rent a room or an apartment. All accommodation is subject to appropriate checks. A team of experts is always available for you to explain the steps for booking and also to give you information about the area where you will live. For a change of this kind, having people to support you is always an advantage, so why not exploit it?

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