Secure options for a short URL

Secure options for a short URL

By miriam

URL shortening, as most of you know, is when you use a service like (called URL shorteners) to condense a very lengthy URL into a very short URL. When you need a short URL, such as for Twitter, when you have to read a URL over the phone, or for a.pdf document, this is really beneficial. But when using a Short URL, there are some security risks linked to it, so how to prevent them? How can users trust a short URL without any security risks? Let’s find it out together: if you keep reading this article below, we’ll discover some secure options for a short URL.

What are the security risks when clicking on a short URL?

When you click a shortened URL, you have no idea where you’ll end up; you must trust the sender. As a result, several businesses either instruct their staff not to trust shortened URLs or outright block them at the network gateway. We decided to use preview mode as a solution. The service does not direct you to the destination website when you add ‘preview’ to a short URL. Instead, you’ll be taken to a landing page that shows you a preview of where you’ll end up. Preview mode avoids many of the hazards involved with URL shortening as long as you can trust the URL shortening service. However, one thing that surprises me about Preview is how many people, especially in the security industry, are unaware of its capabilities and how it may be a secure option. However, only a few shortening services now provide this function. It would be fantastic if others offered it as well.

Some other security tips before using a short URL

Consider Other Options Before Shortening a URL. If people must login, don’t use a shortened URL. Allow people to view the whole URL before leading them to a page that requires login. If you must use short URLs, be sure to provide the destination. You may need to use a shortened URL to keep within a character limit on social media networks such as Twitter. It is beneficial to inform folks of the destination of the short URL. Read also some of the best ways to use short links in this article. 

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