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Link shortener

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When you ask your followers to click on the link in your Instagram bio or to click on the link that you have inserted in the new Facebook or Twitter post, often the lack of interaction from your followers is not due to a lack of interest, but to a lack of trust: it may happen that, seeing a long and mysterious link, a user may be afraid not to know where it leads and therefore he does not click on it. To overcome this problem, for many years now there have been several services that deal with the shortening of links, a service that seems very simple at first glance but that has enormous positive implications for your visibility and advertising. If you are also interested in knowing what they are and how link shorteners work, continue reading this article and you will no longer have any doubts about it!


What is a link shortener?

If you have doubts about link shorteners and want to know exactly what they are and how they work, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, what is a link shortener? Often referred to as a URL shortener, a link shortener is a tool like the one at the top of this page, a service that allows you to turn any long URL into a shorter and more readable link. If you look at the top of this page, you will see a very efficient and free example of this service: you just need to paste your huge URL on the white bar, click on β€œShort” and your short URL will immediately be created as if by magic and ready to be pasted on your social media accounts or any other communication platforms. Everyone who contributes content to the online world needs a URL shortener, to increase his marketing goals and make his web spaces stand out.

Benefits of a short URL: how should you use a link shortener?

Having a short URL instead of a long, incomprehensible and impossible to remember link has several advantages. First of all, in the case of a link that has to be remembered by heart, who could ever remember a long web address, especially with all those tons of characters and symbols? A URL shortener can make your link more memorable. Not only! In addition to that, it allows people to easily recall and share your link with others and it also dramatically improves the trust on that link. More trust means more traffic to your content, because users are more inclined to click on a link that they can guess where it leads to.Β 

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