Instagram bio URL

Instagram bio URL

By Dan

If you want to show your community a content that is outside of your Instagram profile, or if you want to lead them to purchase a product on your e-commerce, it can be very useful to include the link of that content in your Instagram bio and invite users to click on it, for example by advertising it in a story. In fact, you will certainly have often heard of influencers who, during the advertising of products or services, have uttered the phrase “click on the link in my Instagram bio”, but what does it mean? Is there a difference between a Short URL and a long one in your Instagram bio or do they have the same effects? Well, let’s see together what a short URL is and consists of, how to generate a short URL online for free and how to include it in your Instagram Bio!

How to create an efficient Instagram Bio

Well, the Instagram Bio is the section under the profile picture of Instagram and immediately above the posts of your feed, where you can insert a link that leads to a page outside the social network, such as a site, an e-commerce site, a video on another platform or much more. So, imagine you’re leading your Instagram followers to the link in your Instagram bio: from a marketing point of view, which is the more visible and impactful link for your followers between a short URL and a long one? Which one inspires more trust and entices your followers to click on that link? Without any doubt, the short URL meets these marketing needs: imagine the difference between seeing a link with a maximum of 20 characters and then imagine seeing in its place a link with more than 130 characters: the difference in effect is immediate! With a short URL in your Instagram Bio, you will get more clicks and more exposure with customized links that reflect your image and your contents.

The advantages of a short URL over a long URL on social media

You get far more business benefits with a short URL in your Instagram BIO than you do with a longer one: by seeing a shorter, more immediate link, in fact, your followers will be confident that they can trust the link. It’s known that more trust means more action: by customizing the domain of your link and making it shorter and more recognizable, the user will immediately recognize where the URL leads and be more motivated to click on it. So, to summarize, using Short URLs in your Instagram Bio, you will build and share powerful links and above all you will increase your exposure and engagement on Instagram.

Free online Short URL generator for your Instagram BIO: how it works

Now that you have realized the benefits of a short URL in your Instagram BIO, you must be wondering how to get a short link online quickly and for free. Well, I’m here to help you! is the perfect service for you: it’s completely free, immediate, easy to use and you don’t need to download any program because it’s all online. Just enter the link you want to reduce in the insertion bar and click on “short”. As if by magic, your very long and incomprehensible link will immediately be reduced and will have very few characters! Now you can copy and paste it in your Instagram BIO.

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