How to use short URLs on social networks

How to use short URLs on social networks

By miriam

Every social media marketer has one thing in common: they all want to keep track of their progress and, if feasible, improve their results. This generally entails calculating the worth of the links people post on social media. How many clicks on the links do they generate? What kind of traffic are those connections bringing in? Are those clicks resulting in sales? It also entails improving the performance of the social media links they share. This usually entails increasing the number of relevant link clicks and, as a result, the amount of high-quality traffic. This is where URL shortening comes into play. In fact, if you learn how to master these strategies and how to use short URLs on social networks they might completely transform your social media game. And that's exactly what this article will assist you with.

URL shortening for social media

One of your social media campaign's objectives is to increase the number of clicks on the links you distribute and drive visitors to your landing pages. To acquire more hits, you should tidy up your URLs in addition to optimizing your featured photos and text. URL shortening is a great way to do this since it enhances the look of your links and makes them more appealing to click. When you have to post long and complicated URLs on social media with limited space, URL shortening is very critical. You may trim a URL up and make it more succinct and attractive by using URL shortening. When you shorten URLs for Twitter, you can see how big of a difference it may make. Any other social networking outlet is in the same boat.

How to use short URLs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Now that you've seen all the benefits of using a short link on Social media, let's take a case-by-case look at how and when to use short URLs on the various popular social networks, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In the first case, the way in which links are most used on Instagram are the stories and Instagram bios. In fact, it may happen that, if you have an Instagram page followed by many followers, you want to direct your followers to become possible customers of your brand or a brand associated with you: to do this you want to insert a link to a site on which such products and services are present in the stories or in your Instagram bio. In both of these places, however, a link that is too long and incomprehensible would not be very inviting to your followers, so all you have to do is go here at the top of the page and use the URL shortening tool to get a short and concise link to insert in your Instagram stories and Instagram bio! The same goes for Facebook and Twitter: when you want to share a news story, an article, another site or just show off your new products and services to your followers, you can insert the link in your posts. But how to invite other users to click on it? How to push them to trust an unknown and very long link? The only option is to shorten the link and make it more impactful via a URL shortener, before inserting and sharing it in your posts.Β 
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