How to open file with No extension in Windows 10 and 11

How to open file with No extension in Windows 10 and 11

April 7, 2022 By red

Each record that we have saved money on our PCs has a specific augmentation. The record expansion is added toward the finish of the filename followed by a spot (.). It enlightens the working frameworks regarding the construction of the record so the OS could choose the right programming or application to open that document. You could have seen a few records on your PC that have no document augmentation or document type. How would you open such sorts of documents? In this article, we will perceive how to open a document with no expansion in Windows 11/10.

With regards to opening a record on a Windows OS, there are three different ways that a client can attempt:

  • Right-click on the document and select Open.
  • Select the document you need to open and hit Enter.
  • Double-tap on your desired document to open.

To open a document, you ought to have the right program introduced to your situation. For instance, if you need to open an Excel document, you ought to have a program that upholds the dominant record, like Microsoft Excel, Apache Open Office, Libre Office, and so forth To open a PDF document, you ought to have a PDF peruser or an internet browser to open the PDF record.

Consider the possibility that you run over a record with no expansion. For this situation, nothing from what was just mentioned three techniques work to open that record. To open the records without any expansions, first, you need to distinguish their augmentation or type. Subsequent to distinguishing their expansion, introduce the right program on your PC to open that document.

To know the record augmentation or document type, change the view mode in File Explorer to Details. In the wake of changing to the Details view, you will see the document expansion of the multitude of records in the Type section. One more method for knowing the record expansion is by means of the document properties. Right-click on the document, the expansion of which you need to know, and select Properties. From that point onward, select the General tab and you will actually want to see the kind of record.

In the event that you view the properties of the document with an obscure augmentation, you will consider File to be its record expansion.

The most effective method to open a document with no expansion in Windows 11/10

There are some free record identifier instruments that let you in on the expansions of the obscure document types. We have recorded a portion of these apparatuses beneath.

  • FILExt
  • Record Identifier from Toolsley
  • CheckFileType Online
  • Identify File Type
  • Online TrID File Identifier

How about we perceive how to utilize these free record identifier devices.

FILExt is a free web-based record identifier apparatus that allows clients to distinguish the augmentations of obscure document types. This free apparatus is not difficult to utilize. First visit its true site,, then look down the page till you observe the Choose your record button. Presently, click on that button and select the document from your PC to transfer it to the site. On the other hand, you can likewise transfer the documents by means of the drag n drop technique.

Subsequent to transferring the record, FILExt naturally begins investigating it and produces its review. The review will show you the substance the record contains. Assuming that you look down the page, you will see its record augmentation. Subsequent to realizing the document type, you can download it in that arrangement by tapping on the Save as a button, given that the record design is accessible in the Save as rundown.

Document Identifier from Toolsley is one more free device to distinguish the sort of record. To utilize this device, you need to visit its true site, Subsequent to visiting the site, the following stage is to transfer the record with an obscure augmentation. For this, click on the Select a record button or basically transfer the documents by the drag and drop strategy. In the wake of transferring the document, File Identifier will naturally begin investigating it and show its expansion.

CheckFileType Online is another free record identifier apparatus on this rundown that allows you to track down the document expansion. It is easy to use this device. To utilize this device, adhere to the beneath guidelines:

Visit CheckFileType Online authority site,

Drag the record with an obscure augmentation and drop it into the crate given on the site. On the other hand, click anyplace inside the case and select the document from your PC to transfer it to the site. Do take note that the most extreme transfer size of the record is 16 MB.

Subsequent to transferring the document, click on the Check File Type button. Another tab will open, where the augmentation of the transferred document is shown.

extension. To utilize this free apparatus, first, visit its site, then, at that point, transfer the document by tapping on the Browse button. Subsequent to transferring the document, click on the Detect File Type button. As you click on the Detect File Type button, the instrument will open another tab in your internet browser, where you will see the recommended document type and record expansion.

The Detect File Type device is accessible on

Online TrID File Identifier shows the conceivable record augmentations of the transferred document with rate. In the wake of visiting the site, you need to tap on the Browse button to transfer the document and afterwards click on the Start button to start the record investigation. The record which you will transfer ought to be under 10 MB in size.

Online TrID File Identifier is accessible on This free apparatus is likewise accessible as an independent installer. You can download it and introduce it to your framework.