How to grow Your business with Google Ads

How to grow Your business with Google Ads

By miriam

If you have an ecommerce and you’re still not using the Google Ads service that allows you to grow your business and find new customers thanks to advertising on sites and search engines, you’re missing out on something amazing. Don’t wait any longer, after reading this article you will surely start using it successfully! But what is Google Ads, and how exactly does it work?

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads is an extremely effective way to bring quality and interesting traffic to your business. The traffic that will arrive on your website thanks to this platform will be formed by potential customers who are already looking for products and services similar to those offered by your ecommerce store. Thanks to Google Ads you will be able to increase your website traffic, receive a higher number of potential customers and increase visits to your physical store, if you have one. But to better understand what Google Ads can do for your business, we need to go into the technical aspects and the different options that the platform provides advertisers.

The different types of Google Ads campaigns

The various types of Google Ads campaigns you can choose from depend on the goals you set to achieve:

  • Brand awareness and notoriety: make your company known to as many people as possible in your target audience;
  • Brand consideration: trigger the memory of the brand when considering a purchase.
  • Traffic: the goal is to get the user to the landing page.
  • Lead generation: you pay when the goal of a contact acquisition is achieved.
  • Sale: the conversion is the purchase of a product.
  • App promotion: you promote the download of an app.
  • Visits to local stores: for local pages on Google My Business.

The cost of Ads on Google will also depend on all these choices, the metrics to be considered to evaluate the success, and many other aspects.

The advantages of using Google Ads

The main advantage of using Google Ads for your ecommerce is that when people turn to Google, they are looking for something specific. In the case of ecommerce, it means they already have the intention to buy, and have therefore already entered the sales funnel. They’re actively looking for a product or service to buy. And they’re literally telling Google exactly what kind of product or service by typing the relevant keywords into the search bar. That’s why Google Ads is such a powerful tool for ecommerce businesses. Even if your ecommerce fails to rank among the top Google results organically, thanks to your SEO efforts, thanks to Google Ads all Google users who are looking for a product or service that mirrors your ecommerce will see your site in their SERPs. But the advantages of advertising on Google do not end there:

  • Control over the budget: with Google Ads you can always choose the daily or total budget to devote to a campaign based on what are your KPIs and especially the goals you intend to achieve.
  • Speed of results: it’s very easy to test and implement campaigns on Google Ads because you can see the results in real time or almost, and you can easily update your strategies.
  • Target relevance: whether you choose Search or Display, the people who will see your ads will be absolutely on target: they are users who have typed the keywords related to your product/service or have shown an active interest in something similar.
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