How to Change WebP to PNG Raster Image?

How to Change WebP to PNG Raster Image?

By Dan

No doubt, WebP (Google Web Picture) is a standard file format that offers great lossless and lossy compression for pictures on websites. This image format was developed by Google as indicated to reduce the image size without degradation of the image quality. WebP images come to make the web faster. However, the drawback of this file format is that WebP is not all image viewers and web browsers supported. If you want to open WebP images on different platforms, it’s important to convert them to the regular image format like PNG. Thus, a free WebP to PNG converter by lets you turn WebP into PNG image format. The following article tells you the 5 best WebP to PNG Converters that work online and offline. 


A free WebP to PNG Converter provided by SoftOrbits is an incredible tool that specifically comes to turn WebP into PNG in just a few seconds. It is the most valuable software that gives an easier way for conversion with a user-friendly interface. Just add the WebP picture that you want to convert and then select the output format. Finally, click on the “Save Button” and save the newly converted image into the designated folder on your PC. With this software, you can resize the image, add a watermark, or set the grayscale if you desired (optional). Also, you can make batch conversions with the assistance of this free software. Furthermore, it offers a vast range of editing features for the image. 


This web-based online application is famous to perform the conversion of files from one format to another format. You can use this online application to save WebP as PNG as it gives a free online WebP to PNG converter. However, you can choose the WebP file under the size of 100MB. Keep in mind that the conversion steps of this online tool are very simple. At the initial stage, you have to choose the file, select the PNG file format from the drop-down menu, and then enter your email address. Once all is done, simply click the “Convert” button and receive the download link that will be sent to your email ID. 

Pixillion image converter:

This software is an image file conversion source that allows you to transform the images. It doesn’t matter if you are using gif, jpg, webp, png, pdf, or any other format as it supports all the image formats. Therefore, it also provides a free WebP to PNG converter that enables you to convert WebP to PNG images in just one click. If you require to host an image and you need it to be smaller, you do not need to worry, use the Pixillion image converter that doesn’t provide a lot of features but the one's unique features are simple, accurate, and easy to use. Moreover, you can rotate and flip images of Watermarks with this software. 


XnConvert provides a handy WebP to PNG converter that is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux systems. This online tool allows you to turn WebP into PNG image at the same time with just a single mouse click. The interface of this online platform is very simple. It allows you to select files, then pick the various options if you want to use them, choose the output folder and save your converted files respectively. It offers various features including cropping, resizing, rotating, adding a watermark or filter, etc. In addition to that, it supports more than 500 graphic file formats. 

The online converter: 

With this online browser-based platform, you can get a free online WebP to PNG converter that can turn WebP to PNG images without any registration or limitations. You can use this online tool as its supports fast WEBP file to PNG conversion. It also supports the drag-and-drop features to upload the file into the converter. If you are worried about the file’s privacy, don’t fret as your files are secure with this online converter, and do not share to a third party. Apart from that, you can use this online web application on all operating devices and programs without any issues.    
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