Google custom URL generator overview

Google custom URL generator overview

By miriam

After meeting a set of moderate qualifying requirements, YouTube allows channels to create a personalized URL. If you’ve had your channel for a time, it’s likely that it qualifies for a which you can acquire in a few easy steps. If you’ve created a custom URL and wish to change it, it’s simple to delete the old one and claim a new one. The URLs for YouTube channels are never fixed. However, this was not always the case. For many years, once a channel had chosen a custom URL, YouTube did not allow them to make modifications. The URL of a channel can now be changed up to three times per year. Every time, the procedure is the same. This article explains how to create a new custom URL as well as how to alter an existing one, through a Google custom URL generator overview. Let’s start with the qualifications for eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements for a Custom YouTube URL

Your YouTube channel must meet the following requirements in order to get a custom URL:

  • You must have a minimum of 100 subscribers to be considered successful.
  • It must have been 30 days since the last time it was used.
  • Have a profile photo that you have submitted.
  • A banner image has been uploaded.
  • By any standard, these are minor constraints, but they do block new channels from immediately creating bespoke URLs.

It’s not possible to customize a URL for a channel that was created an hour ago. Wait at least 30 days, then continue on to the next section’s steps after accumulating 100 or more subscribers. However, there is one disadvantage to using custom URLs: they aren’t truly unique. When you’re choosing a URL, YouTube will give you a few possibilities depending on the following criteria:

  • Display name
  • YouTube username
  • Current vanity URLs
  • Linked website name

This is most likely done by YouTube to prevent URLs from becoming confused with the channels to which they belong. Setting your display name to what you’d like your URL to be will help YouTube customize its suggestions.

How to Make a Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel

  • Access YouTube Studio by signing in: begin by logging into YouTube Studio and creating a custom URL for your channel.
  • Customization should be selected: Select Customization, then Basic info from the left navigation menu.
  • Create a URL for the channel: Choose Set a custom URL for your channel under the Channel URL heading. You’ll see the customized URL YouTube suggests for you based on your channel details in a box that appears. To further modify the URL, you’ll have the ability to add extra characters or digits.
  • Confirm: After that, simply click Confirm.

How to Modify a YouTube URL that Has Been Customized

A YouTube channel’s custom URL can be changed up to three times a year. Begin by logging into YouTube Studio to alter your YouTube channel’s URL. Select Customization, then Basic info from the left navigation menu. Select DELETE from the drop-down menu next to your existing custom URL. Select your own URL from the drop-down menu in the About section. To confirm that you wish to erase your URL, click Remove, then Remove again. It’s possible that you won’t be able to create a new custom URL right after removing an old one. The former URL may take a few days to deactivate, according to YouTube. After your URL has been withdrawn, you can claim a new one by repeating the steps you took the first time.

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