GhostHunter as a useful service for promoting your Instagram account 

GhostHunter as a useful service for promoting your Instagram account 

By Dan

Instagram is a constantly changeable social network with unpredictable algorithms. In recent years, new advertising opportunities have appeared, therefore, the audience has changed. Previously the core of the app’s users was women under 35, but now the audience has matured. Besides, the direction of the platform development has shifted a little bit. Nowadays Instagram is not only a social network for sharing photos and videos. It is a huge marketplace that allows building a prolific business and earning big profit. There is an enormous difference between managing a personal account and promoting a company or product on Instagram. These two contrast ways of making use of the same social network set absolutely individual tasks. Let`s find out the distinction of developing a profile for a brand and using Instagram for an ordinary user. Ordinary users create Instagram accounts simply for communicating and sharing images, increasing the number of likes and followers.  They do not intend to promote their business. According to statistics, novice users post chaotically: from 1 time a week to 5 times a day, and attract new subscribers solely through interesting content. This is the main difference between ordinary bloggers and marketers: the latter develop a specific promotion strategy (content plan, schedule of posts, rubrics, etc.) for a product or brand. Company account holders need to solve daily tasks, follow clearly set goals and get specific results.  Thus, an Instagram profile is used as an effective marketing tool. However, there are definite things that connect owners of business accounts and private profiles. Regardless of the focus of your page, Instagram offers relatively objective criteria to measure popularity. We speak about features of a successful promoting – engagement rate and reach.

Features of a successful account on Instagram

The most important rule to follow is not to be obsessed with getting millions of followers. Being forced by the desire of having an impressive figure at the top of the page, people often address Instagram services for obtaining fake subscribers or bots. As a result, you boast of thousands of followers but the sales are extremely low. Forget about counting every new follower, focus of engaging audience with catching and involving content. There are two main characteristics of a profile that influence size of profit of a brand on Instagram. They are engagement rate and reach. The engagement rate (ER) on your Instagram account measures how active your followers are. Stories, likes, comments, saves, and reactions are taken into consideration. Reach indicates how many different users have viewed your article. It's important to note that we talk about users. It implies that the reach counts each time a user views a post as one user. Roughly speaking, there is no difference how many times a person reads the content under the publishing. Instagram algorithms work on an unknown basis, but they always measure the engagement rate and reach while promoting an account. Remember that, if you want to build a profitable business on a social website, you need to remove cold subscribers, bots, and commercial accounts. As a result, you will get a clear statistics of live followers and potential customers.

Analysis of followers and its benefits 

To receive accurate information about the quality of your audience, it is advisable to address a trusted service for Instagram account promotion GhostHunter. Implementing the most innovative technologies and effective methods of analysis, the tool produces precise data. The best Instagram service GhostHunter is ready to introduce the next facts about:
  • quality of the audience following you. Just imagine. Every day you have to face the paradox – the number of subscribers grows up while the index of reach goes down. What is happening? Just about the time to check the quality of accounts following your profile.
  • prevailing groups of subscribers. Users can be categorized according to the post they react on in your account. This uncomplicated action aims at identifying the most engaging topics for creating interacting content.
  • number of bots and inactive users that blots the reputation of your brand. Such unnecessary creatures spoil statistics and may cause negative impression of an account.
The above-mentioned characteristics are in access just in a few clicks. With GhostHunter there is no need to undergo long complicated registration process, perform a variety of steps, or invest big money. Mind that the third-party company of Ghost Hunter aims at delivering the best service at the most pleasant prices.

Instruments to increase reach of an Instagram account 

As promotion on Instagram is a topic in high demand and of lively discussion nowadays, you may find loads of articles on the Internet. However, some of the methods described in them are absolutely useless and impracticable. The best rational decision is to address a team of professionals and enjoy the outcomes. Representing the best Instagram service GhostHunter implements several versatile tools to provide multisided analysis and accurate data.
  • Detailed statistics of the prevailing audience groups.
  • Deleting of bots, cold followers, ghosts and commercial accounts.
  • Monitoring followers` activity and movement, engagement rate, reach, and other crucial changes.
  • Protection from spam and removal of undesired comments.
  • Automatic deleting of phishing comments and messages in direct.

The detailed procedure of removing bots with GhostHunter

The user does not have to do any difficult procedures, regardless of how complicated and variable the functions carried out by the online service are. Although very straightforward, the process takes some time. What cause this are the protection measures provided by the instrument to prevent your account from banning. The description of the steps to perform:
  1. Go to the GhostHunter website
  2. Type your nickname
  3. Commence the analysis
  4. Look through the results
  5. Modify the settings based on your needs
  6. Pick the removal choices that are required
  7. Remove the cold viewers
  8. Enable account security
  9. Obtain the stunning outcomes
That`s it. You see, nothing too complicated. Your profile is now secure and prepared for important business. GhostHunter works as fast as possible, still some time may be taken. You will agree with me that a few minutes spent by the service makes the process significantly faster and efficiently than conducting analysis manually.

Categories of profiles that benefit from cleansing 

The excellent organization of the service GhostHunter boasts a wide range of application possibilities. It doesn't matter whatsoever industry you choose on Instagram; it is equally efficient and goal-oriented. - Online-shops and brands will only work with the target market. Sales will increase because only potential clients will visit their accounts. - Bloggers will be able to provide original content to satisfy the demands of their viewers. They will assess and address the needs of their audience based on the user categories that have been revealed. The target audience will subscribe to their pages if they provide relatable content. - Businesses of different scales will generate more revenues by expanding their reach and engaging rate. - SMM experts will receive a priceless tool that makes their jobs easier. Access to the analysis's most secrecy features is made possible via the assistance. The user comments from different business sectors provide a clear picture of significant changes. The reach, engagement rate, sponsorships, number of followers, and content suggestions all show favorable dynamics.

Useful recommendations for deleting undesired followers

No doubt, cleansing an account from bots and ghosts is an extremely advantageous procedure. However, removing bots is not a panacea that will instantly increase coverage and improve profile statistics. In reality, things are often not so rosy. What's more, you can get banned for a sudden mass unsubscription. To avoid disastrous consequences, we introduce the list of several important pieces of advice.
  • Do not rush. Sudden mass unfollowing may lead to decreasing reach and blocking an account.
  • Observe the limits. Instagram has set limits on the daily number of unfollowings. Besides, there should be certain intervals between the actions.
  • Forget about fast unfollowing. GhostHunter works within definite algorithms that allow avoiding blocking for suspicious activity. You have to wait a few minutes to get your profile cleansed and safe.
  • Analyze ER and target audience. Address specialized service and identify the level of engagement rate and categories of audience. To perform correct steps, you need to determine the vivid portrait of your dedicated follower.
  • Attract more people. Do not focus solely on cleansing the already existing public. Look through the content, make conclusions, and create up-to-date good content.
  • Stay away from suspicious online Instagram services. There are millions of organizations that aim at exploiting your personal data. Be responsible and ask for help only the reliable companies.

The prices and what they consist of 

Each account, choosing GhostHunter, obtains a customized strategy to meet the correct result. The service works with pages as with distinct products featuring its individual qualities. Unfortunately, the average price cannot be determined because pages on Instagram differ in number of followers, comments, and direct messages. Additionally, altering the necessary protection options has an impact on the overall cost.
  • The price of the study
The evaluation is completely free. To make the service aware of your sincere intentions, you must add your bank account. GhostHunter may be used maliciously or by hackers, thus it is best to take all precautions.
  • The price of ghosts’ removal
As we previously stated, it is impossible to provide a firm price for every account. For this reason, a tool to estimate the cost of removing cold followers is available on the website.

Incredible advantage of an account protection 

When you post anything in your profile, you want the biggest number of users to see it. It raises the level of potential customers and has an influence on future sales. However, sometimes Instagram may show the publications to less beneficial audience. To protect your account from cold followers and trash comments, you should activate the special function. Profile protection enables owners to adjust settings and establish criteria of not letting some people to follow their pages. Choosing increasing security, you are safe from spam and phishing. Moreover, it boosts the engagement rate and reach as your publications are viewed by live active users.

Main points to keep in mind 

Having considered the advantages of implementing the experience of the third-party company, the question may appear: «What will happen if I do not cleanse my account?». Let`s look through the list of possible negative consequences.
  • The abundance of trash accounts leads to the engagement rate decrease.
  • The name of the brand will not be so popular and the reputation will be stained.
  • Low level of reach as the algorithms do not show profiles with bots and ghosts.
  • Low cost of advertising posts. If you're a blogger and sell advertising, you're not going to get a goldmine with a dead base.
Instagram can be a source of customers and profits. Promotion will help you win the most important thing - people's reactions: likes, reposts, saves, comments, website conversions and sales. Combine promotional tools with intelligence, fun and good taste to ensure the growth of your account! Using the right approach, you can quickly increase the number of followers in Instagram and increase brand awareness. With a top service for Instagram promotion GhostHunter, you increase the quality of audience and explore new spheres of influence. Use our recommendations to promote your company or product on Instagram and success will not be long in coming!  

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