Free URL Shortener

Free URL Shortener

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Since the Google URL Shortener was shut down a few years ago (now it’s working again), a lot of online platforms have tried to find the next best option. That’s why you can find on the internet a lot of free URL shorteners, but it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect one that is simple, fast, online and free at the same time. Keep on reading this article to find out what the features of a free URL shortener must be in order to grow and protect your brand.


Differences between a short URL and a long URL

In general, a URL is a Uniform Resource Locator, that is the link that specifies the exact position of a resource on the internet through a web address. A typical URL is very long because it contains every part of the protocol, the hostname, the name of the site and the path to the specific content, shown through dozens of letters, numbers and symbols. Because of all these parts, the result is very long and often incomprehensible: that’s where a URL shortener becomes useful. By creating a short URL, your link will look more human-readable and easy to be written and shared. Moreover, you will solve every problem on every service and media where a limited number of characters is required: let’s now see together why you should use a free URL shortener.


Why should you use a free URL shortener

Before analyzing the reasons why you should use a free URL shortener for your brand, let’s take a general look at the benefits of a URL shortener and short links. If you want to transform long, ugly, incomprehensible links into nice, memorable and trackable short URLs, a URL shortener is the perfect tool for you. You may need a short URL instead of a long one just in case you want to promote your website, your products and services through other platforms, such as emails, ads, blogs, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social media. Through a URL shortener you can create short links to make sharing links via instant messaging easier (or to make it cheaper to send them via SMS, if you pay for them depending on the characters). So, using a free URL shortener, you will make your link generate more clicks, support your brand, unleash the potential of your URLs and you will create everything without spending any money.

Some examples of Free URL shorteners online: how do they work

There are a lot of online URL shorteners that cost a little subscription every month/year, in exchange of some services such as detailed analytics, UTM builders and management dashboard. If you don’t need all that and if you just want to make your links shorter and to have a better audience engagement, a free online URL shortener such as the one at the top of this page is the perfect tool for you. It’s fast and easy to use: you just have to paste your long URL, to click on “Short” and it will immediately shorten it for you.

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