Conio Review – discovering the cripto world

Conio Review – discovering the cripto world


Founded in 2015 by Christian Miccoli and Vincenzo Di Nicola, Conio created the first mobile Bitcoin wallet in Italy to enter the digital currency market with no technical complexity and in a simple way. Conio provides solutions to financial institutions, banks and insurance companies to introduce them to the digital world and to the use of cryptocurrencies. A single platform provides all the tools necessary for this change and therefore to reduce processing time and costs in offering cryptocurrencies to your customers.
Conio provides an easily integrated SDK that preserves your brand image and your layout in the app, website or software.
The platform provides all the APIs needed to integrate Conio with your platform.
The service exposes only the strictly necessary data and functionalities to operate your service without the use of blockchains.
Introducing cryptocurrencies in your business can lead to a great advantage especially compared to direct competitors. This is also because the demand for these digital coins on the market is increasing and will continue to increase over the years.
The Wallet
Conio allows you to buy Bitcoins, sell them and keep them safe using a simple and intuitive app. Registering is quick and easy and thanks to the security pin and two-factor authentication your money will always be safe.
It gives you the ability to guard your Bitcoins with the most advanced security standards, control their market value and also provides a buy-sell tool for coins.

Conio wallet

With Conio your customers can sell and buy Bitcoin on-air by referring to the data provided by the service. If you decide to rely on Conio, you can also allow the purchase of goods or services that you offer in your company through the use of Bitcoin. Be it a virtual or physical store.

Trading with Conio

Conio is perfect for those who do not want to open a bank account to invest in cryptocurrency; not having the account connected is a great advantage in terms of security. In addition to the email and phone support, Conio offers a tutorial support section where you can learn all the basics to invest in Bitcoin and also provides a discussion blog about this topic. The company, starting from Italy, thanks to its innovative project is expanding in more and more areas of the world. This is because Conio has adapted to the new online world also offering you the opportunity to do that: what are you waiting for to take the opportunity?

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