5 ways to fix Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail on Windows

5 ways to fix Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail on Windows

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How might you realize that your Outlook account isn't getting messages? Just when somebody strolls over and says, "Hello, did you receive my email?". That is off-kilter since you have the Outlook web application open in a tab. However, you can't see any new email. Really at that time, it will hit you that something's off and Outlook web isn't getting messages in your inbox.

There could be many motivations behind why messages are not coming to your inbox. While the issue might exist on Outlook's other work area and portable applications, we will zero in on the web client just situated at A portion of these arrangements may likewise deal with different stages.


There are so many things that could turn out badly on your end like Wi-Fi not working, web speed is slow, or some availability issue. It is past the extent of this manual to cover everything. Simply ensure that you have a functioning web association or change to portable information. For that follow the fundamental switch off and turn on a daily schedule. On the off chance that that doesn't get it done, you ought to fix that thing first.

2. Invigorate THE TAB

Attempt it once in the event that you haven't as of now. Fundamental however may work. It is conceivable that the tab has not reloaded or that the pop-up message neglected to set off and refresh the inbox count. Reviving the program tab might assist with setting things into motion and updating the inbox.

3. Arranging EMAILS

Did you actually look at the Other tab? Perhaps, the email is in there. Something else you can do is to sort the messages to figure out where that missing email went. Perhaps, you got the email, however, it received covered under the wide range of various messages you got.

Click on the Filter button on the option to sort messages by date and time, uninitiated, etc. Every one of the choices is simple and exceptionally helpful during occasions such as these.

4. Standpoint OUTAGE

This happens constantly. We suggest you check locales that assist you with really taking a look at the help status of Outlook. One such solid site is Down Detector. These people screen numerous well-known administrations across the world and keep a log of server blackouts, in addition to other things.

5. Garbage FOLDER

Standpoint might have wrongly sifted the email to the Junk envelope. It's equivalent to the Spam envelope. Assuming that you really do observe the email resting there, you should complete two things. To start with, move the email to the inbox or some other envelope (simply simplified).

Simply click on Add to add the email address and save changes. You will observe the choice to whitelist mailing list IDs right underneath it.

You can likewise add the email ID to your Safe Senders list from inside the actual email. You will track down the choice under the three-speck menu symbol on the right.

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